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The next 'Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders' (DSM-V), in spite of the failure of its predecessor, will classify everything from a child's one-time temper tantrum to an adult's having one bad day at work as 'red flags', prompting psychiatric evaluation that would label these and other normal human emotions as MENTAL ILLNESS! From that, millions will be at risk of being placed on oceans of chemicals to alter their brains forever.

NO, this is NOT a joke!
The chairman of the task force that created the current DSM-IV made a bold statement in the Los Angeles Times that slams the psychiatric community, in general.

Allen Frances is professor emeritus and former chairman of the department of psychiatry at Duke University.

Francis now admits DSM-IV was a huge mistake that has resulted in the mass over-diagnosis of people who are actually quite normal!

He goes on to say:

<<The first draft of the next edition of the DSM ... is filled with suggestions that would multiply our mistakes and extend the reach of psychiatry dramatically deeper into the ever-shrinking domain of the normal. This wholesale medical imperialization of normality could potentially create tens of millions of innocent bystanders who would be mislabeled as having a mental disorder. The pharmaceutical industry would have a field day -- despite the lack of solid evidence of any effective treatments for these newly proposed diagnoses.>>

Allen writes:

<<The "psychosis risk syndrome" would use the presence of strange thinking to predict who would later have a full-blown psychotic episode. But the prediction would be wrong at least three or four times for every time it is correct -- and many misidentified teenagers would receive medications that can cause enormous weight gain, diabetes and shortened life expectancy.>>

Defining the elusive line between mental disorder and normality is not simply a scientific question that can be left in the hands of the [so-called] experts. The scientific literature is usually limited, never easy to generalize to the real world and always subject to differing interpretations.

Our friend, Mike Adams, on his Natural News site laments:
<<The only way to be "normal" when being observed or "diagnosed" by a psychiatrist -- a process that is entirely subjective and completely devoid of anything resembling actual science -- is to exhibit absolutely no emotions or behavior whatsoever.
A person in a coma is a "normal" person, according to the DSM, because they don't exhibit any symptoms that might indicate the presence of those God-awful things called emotions or behavior.
A person in a grave is also "normal" according to psychiatry, mostly because dead people do not qualify for Medicare reimbursement and therefore aren't worth diagnosing or medicating. (But if Medicare did cover deceased patients, then by God you'd see psychiatrists lining up at all the cemeteries to medicate corpses!)
It's all a cruel, complete hoax. Psychiatry should be utterly abolished right now and all children being put on mind-altering drugs should be taken off of them and given good nutrition instead.>>

Just before I bailed out of "psychology/psychiatry" for good, I asked my very famous mentor how and why would we ever hope or dream that psychiatry could actually HELP people when we could NEVER expect to get inside one single mind, and never hope to discover TRUTH from a truly "mentally ill" patient.
He replied: "We can't, we won't, you're right! But it pays for my second home in Colorado!"

On the other hand, a wonderful psychiatrist friend in Miami boldly said:"Normal is what EACH of us are when compared to nothing and no one! Normal for me may seem abnormal to you, but, like the old Zen story says, 'You are NOT the fish!' "

Perhaps only we, ourselves, or those most close to us each day, every day, are capable of diagnosing 'abnormal behavior'...for we ALONE have unobstructed access to ALL our thoughts, ALL our emotions, and we ALONE know the TRUTH of everything we say and everything we claim or do.
Sometimes, all we need, if we need even that, is a gentle push to get us over a self-erected barrier to absolute truth. We all want to "look good", to seem "right", to be "okay"...but sometimes, it takes a hard look in the mirror, or a long look by a trusted friend or relative to convince us we're just shy of TOTAL TRUTH.

Dear old Socrates, inspiration for this meager blog, suggested long ago that "The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being." (ho de anexetastos bios ou biôtos anthrôpôi — ὁ δὲ ἀνεξέταστος βίος οὐ βιωτὸς ἀνθρώπῳ)
I concur. If we truly know ourselves, what others try to convince us of, by means of psychiatry or mere trickery, will not sway us from OUR truths.
BEWARE of psychiatry! Use it at your own risk!

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